Sunday, July 25, 2010

NIPS Crazy Challenge (TV3) Finale

Hmmm..where do I begin? I have a feeling this is gonna be a looooong one. First of all, I really didn't know cosplaying as Yuuko Ichihara can take me this far but I know I genuinely love this character. A lot! I started off in her Tsubasa dimension that you guys must have seen a lot in my blog. I thought of changing to her Victorian Riding version last minute so I had about three weks to complete the crazy costume. I spent about two to three hours after school to sew the costume. During the last week, I even stolen some time between lecture break to sew a button or two. I'm sure the lecturer almost hauled a table at me. This page will be a dedication to those who helped me through this.

First of all, thank God! There's so much things in between that I fear and it's not so much about Him letting me win or things like that. It's more about the time, friends, boyfriend and family supports that I have been blessed with. He gave me peace and comfort at times of turmoil, especially everytime I'm at back stage and almost puke out of nervousness. One more thing, THANK GOD THE WHIP TRICK DID NOT FAIL. Omg...that part was really a miracle despite all the practice we had.
            Mom and Ta Yi                                                            Aunt Lee and Uncle
My Mom who supported me secretly despite all the 'why-the-heck-do-you-have-to-do-this'. She worked on my wig (she's a hair dresser) a few days earlier which had entangled like *blank* after the last appearance. She wished me 'good luck' a thousand times on the day of the competition. Somehow, I can feel that she is more 'kan jeong' (anxious) than I am.'s so good to see her so happy~

Sera, my cousin sister! She is an amazing make-up artist who inspired me to do all the crazy things in life since I was a kid - art, stage performance, modeling, desinging, tailoring. You name it. She taught me how to sew according to measurement. Thank God she was back in M'sia on time to guide me in making this costume! Thanks, Sis! You're awesome! 

My uncle, the landscapist! He helped me to sculpt the phoenix on her hat. That bird is one heck of a problem. I did a lousy job and my uncle offered to help out with the touch up despite being so busy and tired. So from a 'duck' with extra long tails, it transformed into a phoenix! He is awesome in painting!

Aunt Lee and Ta Yi pula helped me brain storm with all the materials needed. I practically ransaked their shop for Aunt Lee made several calls just to check if I get what I needed. I'm so priviledge!

Best Boyfriend Award: Sohtong!

Fong Kin Man! The 24-7 suportive boyfriend of mine! He spent so much time accompanying me sewing and tolerated all my 'siao-ness' when I was overwhelmed by stress. He was with me back stage, front stage, makan and everywhere to keep me company. He held my hands when I was going to puke or faint, telling me to chill. I think he had faith in me more than I had for myself. Thanks, love! You deserved the Best Boyfriend Award! Hugs~

Yukito, (me), Marianne, Emily.

Next will be my two helpers! I really can't do this without them. Put me alone on the stage and it won't be the same at all. I've met them at random in cf forum and met them in person during CF09. I'm so glad they agreed to help me out. They are no other than Marianne Chong (Ame Warashi) and Yukito Jin Chong Tey (Watanuki Kimihiro). Thank you guys for making time to actually gather together for practice and thank you guys so much for alowing my imagination to run amok and put up with it. Marianne, the whip trick worked! Argh!! It worked! Thank you for being an amazing whip thrower and thank your sis (Emily) for being an amazing whip thrower trainer! Thank her for coming to support us too! Yukito, sorry for all the abuse! Thanks for being a sport~
Also, a special thanks to ZCDave for being such a sport to appear in our final skit. That whack on the head was a good one XD. Thank you, ZCDave! I was able to meet Ayase, Kikyo, Laveena, Sky_Fara, Celestia, Embek, Iqbal and many other cosplayers in person.

Also a big thank you to Remaja TV3, NIPS sponsor and the fellow judges for making all this happen. It's nice to see Saifudean, Deqwan and Kudin there too. Thanks for being so helpful! A big thank you to all those who messaged me through phone and fb as well. Thanks for all the support! Hugs! 

Here are the videos of our skits:


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