Thursday, July 1, 2010

~Sweet Wedding down Malacca Lane~

It was my cousin Sera's wedding. As usual, we like to do things out of the norm. So she chosed to do a traditional chinese wedding which caused me sleepless night sewing three Makua. My goodness...cold sweat just to think about it. We went down Malacca on Sunday to chill for a day. Indulged ourselves with shopping, feasting and more feasting. Love Jonker streets so much! You can get almost anything there. Unusual stuff I, like rubber chicken. Anybody knows what is it for?

Went back at night to decorate the bride's room while the guys go check out the football match. England lost by the way. Her room was awesome! Love the setting so much! After the decoration was like a girls night out. nail painting. No, no pillow tossing either. Just the girls from the family, sitting together and talk. Wow...the last time that happened, I was still a kid and they asked kids to go bed early XD. Yay, I got my license to stay up late edy!

Oh ya...forgot to mention, it was also Alan's birthday so...Happy Birthday Alan! Surprise~

It has been a beautiful wedding! We all enjoyed the celebration and hoped that you both will be happy always! Congratulations, Sera and Alan! Hugs!
1. Mutual respect.
2. Give and take.
3. Keep falling in love over and over again with the same person~

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