Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

Through my eyes.

This is my second Bon Odori. I remember attending last year and vowed to return this year with a proper yukatta. Heheh...I also remembered that I reminded myself not to wear anything red or pink. I must have got recalled the wrong information when I was purchasing the cloth for my yukatta.

So Kin Man and I headed to Shah Alam around 6pm. Thanks to my over acurate information, we ended up at Shah Alam Stadium. Thank God, Matsushita Stadium was only 15 minutes away. Nevertheless we took an extra 30 minutes due to the massive jam. Cars were flooding in from every direction at a roundabout. There was zero parking nearby so Kin Man dropped my off first.

I was late and there wasn't any fan left for me :( but when I started to dance for the first session, a group of ladies gave me a fan. I think they thought I was a Japanese girl who was late and didn't get any fan a.k.a kesiannya... And evil me, I just smiled and said 'arigatou'. Evil! I know, I know! I'm sorry but it sure felt good to 'be' a Japanese for a day. Lol...

This year was crazily packed. The songs and dance moves were the same as last year so I caught up pretty fast. I only saw my cousin brother and a high school fren there - Su Woan. Oh and Anthony Lee too ^^. Thanks for the pic as I didn't really take any picture. Sigh...menyesal.

It was a full day for me. Dance ---> buy drinks ---> dance ---> buy food --->dance ---> bye bye. I saw lots of silk yukatta that can be purchased from Mines Wonderland and these:
1. Girls wearing super high and pointy heels (I wonder how many times they got stuck in the mud).
2. Girls wearing super short 'yukatta' like those from 'toys' shop (still the photographers love them, whatever).
3. A guy actually cosplayed like a vampire!?!?!?!?
4. Several guys brought katana. I wondered what were they thinking when they decided to lug that thing around the whole day.   

All in all, it was fun! I thought of making time to go Penang next year. Hmmm...surely no more pink and red next round.

Thanks for accompanying me ^^ I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. Hugs~

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Kin Man said...

of course i had a good time :) Cant wait for next year! I will be wearing yukatta too..hopefully :P