Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moral Lesson on Vainity

 I went for the elimination round with a friend from my batch in 2008 IMU Cup. Apparently, many representatives from Med were there too. While waiting for my turn, I saw this kid who looked darn familiar. The reason why he caught my attention in the first place was because he was talking so loud, trying to entertain a group of girls with jokes that I find...lame? Oh well...anyway, he reminded me of some nerd I used to encounter in almost every inter high school quiz - Science, General Knowledge, Chemistry, Biology, Add Math et cetra... Ahh...not to mention debate too. Okay, the reason I'm always there made me a nerd too. Fine, fine, I'll take that. Anyway, that quiz guy was smart alright but definitely not attractive to me, not in that way.

So later when I had the opportunity to encounter this medic guy I said, 'Hey, you looked familiar.' Before I could continue by asking, 'are you the prefect who represented your high school in most of the science quiz' he gave me a disgusted look like he just saw a slimy frog talking. He interupted almost without consideration, 'many girls said the same. I know I leng chai, always use the same line'. Erk! Naik kejang leher aku.

He walked away and I let him because if I were to open my mouth next, I might start cursing his father, his father's father and his father's father's father. Sheesh...leng chai my bum bum. Which part leng chai!? He is neither tall nor dark nor handsome. Nothing attractive physically and now that he opened his mouth, totally turn off. Sheesh...I was screaming for a mirror! So, last sem I saw him again in the hospital. He saw me too and gave me the smirk, still hallucinating that he looked like Jae Joong. I wished I had a banner with me that says: LOSER. So VAIN. PERASAN.

Just to make a comparison. I went for a trip this round and saw another fella who looked like one of the guy who joined the crowd in Talent Fashion Outbreak 2008. Learning from past experience, I cut it short and get straight to the point. 'Hey, are you one of the participants for Talent Fashion Outbreak?' He appeared startled for a while then smiled, 'I don't think so. friends mistaken me for some other people too.' He is better looking, polite and HUMBLE. This is the kind of guys that girls don't mind pulling a few pick-up lines with. At least I still have respect for this guy rather than the first.

Another moral lesson: self praise is no praise.

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