Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pulau Perhentian Trip

So peaceful with the breeze.

It has been a good sem, fair result and interesting postings. A few bad eggs here and there but *shurugged* that's part and parcel of life I guess. My first activity following EOS exam was a trip to an island called 'Pulau Perhentian' - the stopping island, the island where you stop, or is it the waiting island? Oh well. Anyway, it was nice although I really preferred Pulau Redang since there are more activities and it's merrier at night.

This is the place we slumber.

10 of us went, two rooms in Flora Resort or was it Floral Bay? Geez...something like that la. The rooms were okay, toilet was acceptable, food was so so, towels were...smelled like rotten seafood. It's kind of expensive to spend there though. Alice purchased a coconut for RM7 when we can see them growing above us. Could have just plucked some of them eh, Alice? I drank something with such bombastic name but taste no greater than a cup of milo for RM6.90.

Most of our activities were dedicated to sleeping, snorkeling and star gazing. Oh, not to forget picture taking too. I especially love this...thanks for putting up with this, Alice~

Courtesy of Xin Ying's camera Setting
What was great about this trip was Lang Tengah. The boat dumped us there and we went, 'not again'. We were bored of snorkelling by then, honestly. It's pretty much the same after all - dead chorals, disgusting sea cucumber. But not Lang Tengah, uh uh! Not Lang Tengah. We only get to spend like 15 mins there but it was amazing! Argh! The choral, the fishes. It's really like being in the ocean finally! Oh, Lang Tengah! I wanna visit you again. Anyway, I heard these island will be changed to higher end tourism spot. So, go quickly while it's economic *winks*.

A shot of view from where I was chillin'.

Lastly but not least...wished you were here Soh-Tong

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