Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hotel Rwanda

The movie unfolds the massacre in Rwanda after the president was murdered. The United Nations tried to promote peace in between the two tribes, Hutu and Tutsi. However, the attempt failed and the Hutus rose as rebels to martyr the Tutsis. Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu assigned as the Hotel Des Milles Collines manager struggled to keep the hotel running and keep the Tutsi refugees safe. He is liberal man thus he refused to join his Hutu friends in their course of eliminating the Tutsis. He believed in peace and had faith in the United Nations to stop the chaos. Whilst many Tutsi fled to his hotel, he used his skills in bribery and flattery to gain favor from powerful people he came to know over the years to keep them alive. Nevertheless, reality took place when help came from the union only to save their own people, leaving the locals to their fate. Paul realized that they have to take things into their own hands to survive. He made calls to influential people he knew and encouraged the other to do the same in hope to be rescued. Hope returned only to be shattered again when their first batch of people in the list to be deported out, was attacked by the Hutus on the way to the airport. Paul and his family barely escaped when he was labeled a traitor and the Hutus raided the hotel. With the assistant of a few Union volunteers and a Canadian Colonel, they managed to move into a safe zone with great difficulty. In the refugee camp, Paul and his family united when they found his bother-in-law’s children.

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