Thursday, January 6, 2011

CF2010 [Day 2]

Another expired post, I know. Since I have short term memory lost, here is all I can recall. Day 2 was equally packed if not more due to the competitions held on stage. There were plenty of interesting fans' performance but the crowd beneath the stage was just too...I could not stay long, needed some fresh air out there. So...since it was a month dedicated to Lili Vocaloid...voila! This has to be one of my favourite! Hugs, Lily.

I participated the solo cosplay, was told to wait 15 mins. By the time after 30 mins, my legs gave away. There was absolutely no chairs. Went to makan and they announce the finalist. *vomit blood*vomit HCl*vomit bile* Anyway, came back from lunch to distribute flyers about the Christmas Party only to find out that there was zero contact written on it. Worse, there was no date. *vomit summore blood*.

Anyway...really can't stand those shoes so I went back earlier. I'll just leave ZCDave's video here to cover the day :) I really *vacuum* in covering events.

CF2010 Summary
Courtesy of ZCDave :)

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