Monday, December 20, 2010

CF2010 [Day 1] seemed only yesterday that I walked into Sunway in my Yuuko costume and prowled the hallway. That's one year ago and once again, I prowled the hallway of Comic Fiesta 2010 but in Times Square this round. It's the biggest ACG event in Malaysia and despite the main sponsors, fans and community support is crucial. It can be difficult to find help and low on manpower can stress out everyone. Nevertheless, it was a blast all in all. There were more things to see and buy although it was so packed. I only enter the hall twice on the first day. Hope to see CF2011 come to life! goes the report on my part. I've selected Ashura (adult) from RG Veda by no other than CLAMP for the first day. As simple as it seemed, this killed me. Three times. Her costume is pretty simple but to create that flow was rather difficult. It has to be something soft yet not see through...and it's white! Headache, headache. The first attempt was the child version (short robe) but I refused to cut my hair so yeah, that led to second attempt. Second attempt failed cuz there is zero flow to her costume! I didn't want the edges to be square so I've made the fish tail effect on the third attempt. A short one, that is. So yeah, I have three Ashura costume. Anybody wants?

The sword! OMG...the sword. I got the materials from my uncle but the course of constructing it...uugh. First attempt, wires. Second attempt, newspapers. Third attempt, paper clay. At the end of the day, it was so freaking heavy that walking had become a problem. I As for the accessories, I'd made her head gems and the necklace. The thigh and arm accessories were constructed from parts of exotic accessories. Guess what? I've lost the red scarf and a leg accessory at the end of day one. Sakit hati...I really hunted for those. Please let me know if anyone found it please. Thank you!

Day 1 was chillex: I woke up at 830am. Take my amma's time in the bathroom and left the house at 11 somthing. Reached around 12pm and Kin Man queued for the tickets. Officially enters the hall at 1pm. Lolz...was walking around barefooted with Marianne who cosplayed as Gumi from Vocaloid. People though we were from the same series because both of us were...shoe-less. Sigh...I really love CLAMP. I know most of them are like...expired anime but I can't be bothered by what people think so much. I just wanna be the character I really liked. So that's one more down and half a dozen more to go! 

Wokeh...not much to write for day one. Will update on day two soon. Link pics there. 

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