Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After four years, I finally graduated as a degree holder. It wasn't easy to pull though life in IMU. Sem 1 was okay with me trying to adapt. Sem 2 was full with misery and Sem 3 made me want to leave the campur. Unfair marking system and all the politics in the world. It's not a place where you can speak your mind if your daddy or mommy is not somebody. Some of the top post people dare claim he doesn't sweep matters under the carpet. The last I checked, every matter raised during the student meet up was swept under the carpet. Yes, many people may fancy his charm but never for me as I see his flaw and how cruel his manner of hiding the flaw. It is also a hierarchical place where Medicine> Pharmacy> Nursing. When new courses were offered, it became Medicine> Dentistry> Pharmacy> Psy/D&D/BioMed/dll> Nursing> Chinese Medicine. So seriously, resilient is a top criteria for you to survive if you are taking nursing. Furthermore, we are of such small group. That's way too easy to bully, something our faculty leaders kept denying. It's all about status.

I just want to make her proud. Give her a good life henceforth.

My mentor whom I grew to appreciate.

Derek, Yu Li, Daphne and Ps Faith.

Good luck N108, be strong.

So here I am graduated from 4 years or torment, encouraged only by a small group of close friends I have and cosplay. I would have gone insane if I didn't have a hobby, that hobby where so many of them think is freaky. So just like my Form 6 school, I will not miss this place except for the library, dance studio, E-lab (printers which have mood swings) and a few people who made life in IMU a bit more breathable. This place made me a tougher person the wrong way but I learned the way of politics. Sometimes, it is best to play dumb. I guess you guys can gather from this post that I am not very happy with this institution despite the prestige. Too much restriction for student freedom. I've gone from liberal to diplomatic to radical. The best consolation I have for myself and my family is that I'm leaving this place in a bit. I will continue my education elsewhere and finger crossed for something better.  

Back to the convocation, thanks to those who showed up on the convocation especially my family and a few close friends. Your presence meant the world to me. For now, I shall put my student status aside to resume the role of a working adult but I shall resume my education in a few years. To my fellow batch mates, work hard to achieve your dreams. The sky is not the limit ;) to my fellow juniors from nursing and other batches, your time will come soon. So all the best to you guys too~

Side story: despite graduating, my research claim from the financial department is still not settled thanks to this Swei Shen guy. He ignored my calls, my emails and avoided me in the office. How can one put such an irresponsible person behind the financial desk? Pissed. 

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