Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Matta Fair

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

I'll take this as a second cosplay job after the St. Patrick's day. In comparison to St.Patrick, the welfare of the cosplayers was better taken care of by the Reliance. We have longer rest and good food. Unfortunately, like many organizers, they fail to see the core of cosplay - being in character. We were required to attract people to their booths, hoping to increase sells. Honestly, I doubt cosplayers can affect their decisions. Rather than promoting the event, cosplay serves more as an additional side attraction for those who came in, to take picture with us and all. Some of the people in charge kept saying we are not doing anything. One moment we have to stand separately and not talk to each other. So we smile and say welcome to people who passed by. Then they said we just stood there, not doing anything. So we try grouping together so people will take picture. Then I realize people just took pictures, crowded the front entrance without entering the hall. So redundant huh...Anyway, the third day was slightly better as they planned a bit stuff for us to do. The few person who looked after us were kind too - Evan Lai, Sean, Seung Chin and Athena Crystal.

Overall, it was good because I get to hang out with my fellow cosplayers - Sakura Wong, Kuro Yami, Qi Hui, Othman, Sparda, Yukito, Kagamine Rin, Randy and Aiko Shorin. Learned to play Thunderstone and pawned Sparda and Anthony! Bwahahahah!

Love ze turkey ice-cream! 

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