Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Minako Aino

When I watch Sailormoon back in 1999, I couldn't wait to turn 13. When I got my first white cat in 2001, I awaited eagerly for him to talk. Lolz...that's me and my childhood dream of becoming Sailor Venus a.k.a Minako Aino, the clumsy yet warmhearted high school girl with bright yellow hair. As much as I loved her jovial character, I've never thought of cosplaying her back then. Now that I have so little time left, I just thought of paying my childhood heroine a tribute. These are taken in Genting Highlands. Thank you Anthony Lee for being the photog and baby-sitter again ><

Initially I was there to check out the accommodation for our shoot in December. The day didn't start out great but it all ended well. Besides the shoot, I went to the Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibition too. Whee~

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Anonymous said...

I thought it started out awesome..

Before the shoot started that is...