Monday, August 1, 2011

Chaos Legion

Chaos Legion, another game which filled my teenage life. I've always like Siela and her protective
nature. Nevertheless, she died after appearing 5 secs in the intro. I can't really tell her personality. Victor is Siela's companion who killed her by accident when he was possessed. Despite his antagonist character, I can't help feeling pity for his lonely journey and his desire to 'revive' Siela. Two more characters are involved in the game - Arcia and Sieg. Unfortunately, they were unable to join us for the shoot.

Love the settings lots. Thanks Justin for taking up the role as Victor. He made the costume himself :) Thanks to Anthony and Joseph for being the photographers. Hugs! Well, second time working with Joseph. More to come, I hope! 

Finally, I can put Siela's costume to rest. The shoulder piece was a pain to make the shoulder piece but glad it all turned out okay!

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