Sunday, July 31, 2011

E3 Annual Dinner Hair Show

It has been awhile since I last hit the runway. I didn't even have my shoes anymore. Rushed out to get one when I get this job. At first I feared I couldn't perform but after a session of warm up, I'm back in the mode again. Initially, I went to their saloon for selection. All the hairstylist avoided working with me because my hair was scarce. The look that some of them gave and the way they speak in front of the models showed little respect for this supposed 'profession'. I have my dignity and I showed them I'm different, not the snobbish kind of different but the attitude kind of different. In the end, I worked with John, the hairstylist from E3 saloon. I was given a red dress although I much preferred the white I got initially but oh well...stuff happens. The make-up artist was sweet, regret that I didn't get her name though. All in all, it went well. I miss the runway. Not for fame or money (local models generally earn very little unless they are superstar kind of model) but for the thrill on stage. 

The runway first changed my self-confident back then. I'm always grateful for the stuff I learned through modeling - the fashion sense, the pose and poise. Unfortunately, there are way too much bad stuff at the back stage in modelling. It's sickening and I can't proceed further. Sigh...I was once passionate about modelling too but it all died down because no matter how hard I tried, there is always this missing link. I feel sad for some of them that I first met in modeling. Till today after 5-6 years, they are still joining all this model search. Some won some didn't but generally, nobody moved on much. I particularly dislike model photographers who generally do not respect their subjects. Hence, a special thanks to Anthony for making his special appearance for the show. Terima kasih berbanyak!

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