Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cosfest @ Singapore

Lolz...yet another expired post. This was my first time attending S'pore cosplay event. Thought of supporting Sky and Yuan initailly, mana tau competition changed to Sunday =.=" I didn't really stay in the hall and mingle around so I can't comment much on the event. As for the doujins, I see more unique and interesting stuff but as usual, every booth sold Miku Hatsune items. Actually, I just realized I left my costume at home when I passed the Kastam. Good job, mood died almost instantly. 

So yeah, I've decided to skip Sunday and go jalan-jalan instead. Science center and Universal Studio were awesome! Nevertheless, many things in SCenter were damaged (jeling-jeling at kids). The shark thingy was awesome but the IMAX movie was a bit dull. kept yawning. Walked a bit at Bugis and passes by Orchad Road. Hotel costed a bomb. A BOMB. Not going to type much. Just wanted to share with you the lovely stuff I saw :)

Next S'pore trip, I wanna go Underwater World an Zoo!

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