Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tokyo no Yume

Ohoho...I'm back from Tokyo! There are simply too much to say yet so dificult to word them because it was what I saw which amazed me like crazy. Stupid Animelo tak bagi tangkap gambar. I think I'll beak down the experience into a few blog ranging from the room I stay in to the food I ate. Here is my itenerary though:

~I get the window seat~

Friday, 9am - boarded MAS from KLIA. Ate nasi lemak at airport = RM60. *vomit blood*
           11am - stopped at KK.
            9pm - reached Narita Airport. Argh!!! Excited till...but sleepy la. Took bus to hotel.
           12am - reached Hotel Sunshine City. Purchased a phone card but dunno how to use, panic giler.
                     - first attempt in speaking Japanese when getting help from front desk to use the card.
                     - finally managed to call home around 130am, lega giler.

Tokyo here I come!

The flight gave me a bad neck which last until the flight back which gave me another bad neck which last till today. Yup, I'm having a bad neck still. The flight was good though because we get to eat, eat, eat and eat. There's also sufficient entertainment for the 8 hours flight. Supposed to play Sohtong's PSP de but no battery...*krai*. So I played Zuma, Hang Man, watched House 1, House 2, The Simpsons 1, The Simpsons 2, Ever After, listened to yoga tunes, J-Pop and Korean Hits. Sempat watched some documentary: Mesopotamia. Watched 14 Blade half way, tak sempat see him bathe...argh!

~My pilgrimage~

Hmmm...that's the first day. I think I'll blog about my room next...and the toilets there, yessss....

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Kin Man said...

the bath tub! the bath tub!