Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tokyo no Yume II

So accommodation - The Sunshine City Hotel. I loooooooooooooove my room....and the bathroom!

Now now...Japan is very environmental friendly. When I stepped into the room, I blast the air-cond like any swaeting hot tourist would but guess what? I heard a low humm and that was it. I tried adjusting the temperature again and each time, a low humm and that was about it. I thought something was wrong with it until I realized the others were facing the same problem. It was actually a method in preventing excessive usage of air-cond by using a slow cooling concept. By night, I was shivering already. Hehe...that's what I call slowly but surely. Talk about air-cond, even their shopping centre is not crazy cold like a fridge here. It's just nice to feel the cooling breeze without sweating but not excessive till one developes goosebumps.

About the toilet. Why I luuuuuurve it so much? Okay, it made me lazy but it ensures the toilet is constantly dry!!! The moment you sat on it, the pressure of yer bum bum activates a water sound system. First of all, it helps to stimulate you to pee, secondly it imposes the sound of micturation. If you know you're gonna fart or make some loud explosive sound, you can adjust the volume of the water running sound. Anyway, after you're done with your small business, there's a biget button for you to pres on the side where there will be some sort of water fountain to clean your perineum. Tissues are just inches away~
However, if it's big business we're talking about, there's another button for you to press where the water shoots at the anus to clean up. Water pressure adjustable. Lastly, the moment you lift you bum bum off the seat, the flushing will be initiated. Wicked.

It's was pseudo-paradise too as they changed the set of yukatta i wear to sleep everyday. It was the first time I used hotel conditioner which really worked. Unlimited supply of shampoo, conditioner and body shampoo rather than those came in tiny bottle. There's TV and radio which played Japanese selections. I fell asleep on classicals. Awh...when the curtains were drawn and lights off, it was total darkness - perfect for piggy sleep.

Breakfast was awesome too! Cold ham, miso suru, vege salad, sausages, fresh bread and variety of jam. There a whole lot of other things which I don't ingest too - mainly meat and those uncooked items. Love the apple and orange juice. I've never taken as much vitamin C as that 5 days. Apple juice alternated with orange and mango juice.

p/s: the flight attendances during my flight to Japan were friendly and helpful. It's sad that I can't sa the same about those on the way back. Rude and indifferent. Nice way of promoting M'sian, huh?

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