Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where Do I Begin

One of my favourite pose but I have cos nothing so far that justify that pose =.="

I kind of forgotten why I started blogging in the first place =.=" maybe because back then there wasn't facebook, only Friendster. Therefore, I wasn't able to express much. I am so lazy to write these days. Let's see, a little update on my side. 

Recently went to SG for a short vacation cum photoshoot. The shoot was initiated by Thomas who introduced me to Yong Shen, a photog from SG. Yong Sheng arranged the shoot thereafter with Shaun, Rein, Speed and Edmund. One day 1 we covered Dead Master and Day 2, Astaroshe. 

This is how I look like when not cosplaying - amma 9000.

Went down the trip with YuLi, my primary school friend who still keep in touch till today. Thanks for keeping me company!

The night before driving down to SG at 5am, I had supper with a friend till 1230am. Slept at 2am for don't know what reason and woke up at 430am. Drove 120kmh down SG for 5hrs straight just to get into UNIVERSAL STUDIO at 1100am. Hamagawd...I love Universal Studio. I fell in love with Transformer ride. I mean...Optimus Prime spoke to us and BumbleBee caught us from crashing to the ground. How cool is that!! We queue for it 4 times before the lady at the front told us they were closing early for Halloween. Eish...could have ridden another say...4 times!