Friday, November 4, 2011

Too Much At One Go

Let's see...I don't remember what I've missed after Anicom. Hmm...after the third week competition where I participated as Kakyuu, the transformed version, I was so sure I would be bored to death till my work starts in January. So I quickly bugged Yukito, Marianne, Anthony, Kenneth and Joseph to plan yet another Christmas & New Year Eve Cosplay Ball in a hotel ballroom :) CosplayBall2011

Then...backside itchy, participated in AFA despite being so last minute. Completed the costumes with handheld props within 10 days. I don't remember sleeping much and I had all ten fingers pricked in the process of making the accessories. So here goes...Ouke no Monshou, a manga debuted in 1976 if I'm not mistaken. 

How I come to know about this manga? I was very young when my cousin sis used to rent comics from Pudu Plaza. I can't read what more to understand the content but I've always like the way Isis was drawn - the sharp eyes, delicate frame...I didn't know she was called Isis till I actually read the translated version much much later. Still, I preferred her than that blonde Carol. Everything is too perfect for Carol, four apparently hot-looking princes from four different countries wanted her. Bah, Isis for me ;)

 Currently really stressed out for AFA. I wanna throw in my best cuz it's gonna be a one shot thing before my dull working life starts T.T I love cosplay very much. It made me a happier person *kicks of the stressful part*

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