Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Letter to AFA Cosplay Organization

Being the person who experienced stuff first hand, it was like a wicked bullet to bite and dust to swallow. I've written this email to one of the organizer. Chances is, I will be ignored, the email deleted and we will be left in the dark again until last minute next year by their selected irresponsible local partner but what the heck, it's worth the try.

Hi Mr. SW,

I'm writing this email concerning our future representatives for AFA Regional Cosplay Championship. This year, we went though lots of last minute information, changes, miscommunication and wrong information which burdened the selection altogether. We have seen how the representatives from other countries were selected and they are truly, worthy of envy - proper stage, lighting, good sound system, reputable judges, almost a cosplay event by itself. What do we have? A corner of a shopping center with close to zero lighting and poor sound system we had to use handphone over the mike - all due to poor organization and last minute information. This is rather demoralizing for our cosplay committee. Due to the last minute information as well, we were reduced from five teams to only two teams for selection. 

I am pleading that for next year, please kindly approach our cosplay committee rather than an event company to organize the AFA RCC representative selection. Please allow us to conduct a proper selection and this can only be done when the committee (your partner or representatives) from Malaysia consists of people with cosplay background or people who have the experience in organizing actal cosplay events. 

I understood that it may be down to business at the end of the day so it is agreeable that you look to event companies to assist in publicity and profit but once again, we plead that the cosplay portion can be given to the cosplay community to conduct. We can assure you we will do a better job given the chance as we too, desire for the positive growth of our cosplay community here. Disregard of how Malaysian cosplayers were viewed previously, I do hope you take note that we are serious about this competition now. We, the Malaysian Cosplay community wish to send our best representatives for international competitions as well. 

Please kindly reply upon consideration of our request. Thank you.



Cougarpeople said...


I'm confused.... Your teams cosplay was amazing!! I love historical anime and manga and you really don't get a lot of cosplayers actually making ancient Egyptian cosplays. I think a lot of people are about the armor and weapons that they forget about the QUALITY of the cosplay. Here in HK we have small cosplay competitions and it is usually the cosplays with the most glitter, shine and armor that wins. I was really hoping you guys would win :/

I'LL BE CHEERING YOU ON FROM HK!! But unfortunately i can't go to singapore or malaysia D:

Shizuka no Musume said...

Hey there :) thanks for the encouragement. I do very much love to continue cosplaying the characters I like be it an old or less popular series. But I guess for competitions at a higher level, armors and impressive props do play a crucial role. Not every character is suitable for competitions, I gather ><

Hope the cosplay community in HK will grow as well :) cheers!