Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ever since I have so little time to blog, I began to summarize my writings in the form of FB shoutouts on daily basis. It has been 3 months since I'm out of practice. Surprisingly, I miss practicing but no, I'm not turning back. I hated the environment. It has been exciting and equally frustrating over the past few months. Setting up my own business has been something new and the process is really...eye opening. It shows me the so many ugly sides of human. Friends become frenemies, family ties went sour, some crappy relatives showed disapproval from such a high pay job to a 'toy shop'. Malaysians need more exposure to the word haberdashery. People whom I get in touch with for supply, renovation and import were 98% con man. They bully and cheat because they think I'm just a little girl without a daddy or a buff man by my side. I've raised my voice and quarrel with a few of them. It tires me a lot to have to scream and shout to protect my right. 

Oh yes, do I need to mention that the people at the licensing office were rude and totally unprofessional about their job? In the midst of processing an application, talk about lunch, talk about somebody's husband, gossip about the cleaner's wife. Dilly dally bla bla bla. 

Nevertheless the highlight is definitely our Mr Firefighter who apparently approved my licence and then decided not to approve it and asked me to see him in private so he can write a nice report. Explained to him that the building obtained CF and I've obtained my license AND I don't have the key to the shop yet. But NO, he wants to see the shop NOW NOW NOW I GIB U WAN HOUR, U COME. Called me daily and insisted that I go see him even when I'm in Thailand. He threw a tantrum saying he will never allow me to set up my business because I was rude to him. He told us he can simply pull back our license by saying our shop don't have a back door. Encik Kopi, back door tu I yang buat ke konstuktor yang buat? Kalau tak pass dari awal-awal, CF tu camne dapat? Kalau you tak pass lesen saya, sila gantung lesen semua business kat sini pasal semua kedai takde pintu belakang. I presented facts and he said, 'eh you jangan kasar sama I'. The shyt they always say when they have nothing else to say in the face of truth.
Asides from the negative experience. Meet some new people, supportive people. I learned many things too. The elderly told me that I need to bend my principles in business. Most of the time we have to smile and close one eye. I do take my work seriously, always have been. But I'll never bend to make allowance for manipulative people to take advantages from me or my family. If I kena saman, I pay. If I have done nothing wrong, please don't come ask money from me because you are wearing some gawd damn uniform. This place is corrupted enough. It's a tough start and I foresee more of those nonsense people to come but hey, I've made my choice and I'll stick to it. I have been doing things I dislike all along. Time to do something I truly love. So yup, look forward to the launching end of this month~