Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starting ANeW.

Well...abandoned this blog for about 3 months now. 2012 coming to an end, 2013 approaching and...another year older =.=" I had a bad year. I left Msia beginning of this year hoping to find a new life, an adult life with much freedom AND responsibility. Leaving home wasn't tough. Surviving it was the killer. Ain't gonna dwell into the details but as a conclusion, I had a really bad year with very little emotional support. 

Anyway, I've already left whatever sad stuff that I needed to leave behind and plan for the hopefully, better days to come. I'll be opening my own haberdashery, offering materials, wigs, props and costume sewing services not only to cosplayers but also to craft enthusiasts :) I know it ain't gonna be as much as me working in SG but hey, it's time to do something I like for a change. Watched a video that made me cry. Some said it's stupid, some said 'you're brave' and some, 'you can because you are young'. I can because I have few but supportive people back here that believe in me <3 all="all" be="be" contained="contained" cosplay="cosplay" emo="emo" ersonal="ersonal" here="here" i="i" ll="ll" meanwhile="meanwhile" much="much" nbsp="nbsp" non-cosplay="non-cosplay" p="p" page="page" shifting="shifting" stuff=".=" the="the" too="too"> Feel free to leave a message if you have any materials to request ;) cheers~

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Taking A Long Break must have been forever since I update this blog. I think I've got too much to handle ever since I left Msia. Work, study, costume making, meeting deadlines, tiresome shifts, running a cosplay ball and all. Sometimes bring 400km away from home and close friends, makes me feel so alone. No lonely kind of alone but I'm-on-my-own kind of alone. Sometimes just feel so tired and wanted to fall back on someone close but nobody is around. On and off I do feel really down. The only thing which took my mind off things is to work on my costumes and props. Progress is slow though since I'm hand sewing my costumes now and that I'm always exhausted from work. I can't recall much after Umi Ryuuzaki cosplay. So just a latest update on my two new projects :) attended Animangaki and glad to have the opportunity to hang out a bit. Miss you guys lots! Hugs!

Chobit: Freya
Photo Credit: Razrig
More pictures: Freya

Tiger & Bunny: Blue Rose
Photo Credit: Anthony Lee (Blur)
 More pictures here: Pepsi Nex

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Magic Knight Rayeart: Umi Ryuuzaki

Another project completed in Singapore without my faithful sewing machine. Nevertheless, this cosplay focused a lot on body props. It took me three weeks to get it done, juggling between depressing work and self study. I definitely love the way it turned out but the mechanism of the costumes still needs lots of improvement.

Kuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff

Okay...this is totally expired. My first crossplay (probably the last), shot in January something. Hand sewn the entire costume in Singapore. It took me one whole week to get it done. Honest to self, I ain't the material for crossplay but what the heck, I still lurve Grell! Thanks Anthony Lee for putting up with me for this shoot.

It wasn't a good day to begin with since it rained when we reached the park. My wig was all...orz.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dream Project: Dream of Doll

I liked Delphine some time ago but didn't thought of cosplaying it till a friend told me she will be cosplaying another doll for CF. At the same time, I found my Kalix. So...raaawrr! Debuted in CF, I went for a shoot at Taylors. Kuro Dai stepped in as Kalix as Justin couldn't make it for the shoot. 

For me, the most precious pieces of Delphine are the head gear and the choker. Really enjoyed making them XD I've made three layers of petty coat for her dress but it's just nor puffy enough. I ended up borrowing Marianne's petty coat...for the 100th time ><

Terima kasih Kuro Dai, Anthony, Joseph, Kenneth and Yukito. Lepas shoot, we played Betrayal: House on Haunted Hill. Nyah!
More pics here: Sendiriedit.jpg

Christmas Cosplay Ball 2011

Just a brief update here as the full report is in CosplaBall2011. In comparison to 2010, our number doubled in 2011! Wanted to thank all those who attended and helped to make the ball a successful one :) see you guys end of this year again!

Shortly after ze ball, the committee and a few others went out to 'debriefing' also a self arranged farewell orz...thanks for coming!

Comic Fiesta 2011

Let's see...CF this year was packed to the brim of the halls. The sight was awesome! Yes, the KLCC people were rude on day 1 but day 2 was a lot better. The only regret I have was unable to hangout with some of the people I intended to meet. Hmm...COD also failed terribly xp


Day 1: cosplayed as Delphine from Dream of Doll with Justin as Kalix. We joined the One True Pair (OTP) competition. It was yet another fun moment on stage with my friend :) almost couldn't make it in with that kind of queue. Luckily, Chiko got extra tickets >< sankyuu!

Day 2: cosplayed Noelle Borr from Trinity Blood. I was tempted to join the solo competition but ended up making bookmarks instead XD sigh...was supposed to give out Book Club member bookmarks. Day I forgot to bring, day two brought the undone, leaving the completed ones at home. Phail...halfway through beh tahan edy, I need to get out from the costume and heels. Changed to some random attire and wig later >D I know there are thousand and one random versions out there but no! Watashi wa Miku jyanai!

Just wanted to thank and offer a pat on the shoulder for all the CF committee for making this happen :) will be looking forward to CF2012. 

Trinity Blood: Noelle Borr

This has got to be the second character I like who died so quickly (second to Siela Riviere). I like her style, I guess :) I've ran through several reference pic for her character but the original art works were few. Seeing how the other AX Agents use guns except those with special ability like Sword Dancer, I thought of making a twin guns for her. So no, the guns are not part of the original reference.

It was yet another enjoyable project. I love the way the costume turned out although the habit was a bit off >< I had fun making the crosses too :) the only thing I regret was the make-up and hair T.T couldn't get that Renaissance look out of her and those curls.

Had a shoot at Putrajaya with Anthony Lee and Kenneth Tee before heading for the ice-creams :) thanks for the pics!

Anthony Lee punya photo here: