Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heading to Singapore, Yes? No?

After graduation and even before convocation, I've attended interview and secured a job placement in S'pore. That's two months ago and guess what? I'm still here! Woot! Woot! *confetti*confetti* So, from July to September to October and now, January. I don't think I am ever leaving this place =.="
Now...the process of going from

 so complicated for me.
1. Wait for S'pore parcel of documents (rotted a month at home)
2. Compile documents (rushed for deadline for submission) called S'pore for dunno how many times and nobody answers. Out of 9 emails, only two returned.
3. A trip to LJN for certs of verification (they told me NO NEED retention of name cert) - RM30
    - they were rude and not helpful.
4. A trip to High Court to translate BM certs to English (been directed here and there only to end up at the first place) - RM210
    - the guards at the front desk were rude to me and my mom as though we are criminals.

5. Went to make passport, drove to Jabatan Imigresen at Presinct 2 only to be directed to Presinct 15.
6. My courier failed me in delivering the dct withing deadline...FML.

7. Drive down to S'pore to hand in my dct and SHE WANTS the retention of name certs.
8. Went back to LJN for retention of cert (told me to wait 2 weeks) - RM50
9. 3 weeks later, I receive the retention of name cert in my mailbox, all crumpled up. FML.
10. Photocopied and went back to High Court to be certify true copy and HE IS TOO BUSY TO COP AND SIGN TWO SHEETS OF CERTS> FML x 9000.

Orz...couriered it again today and finger crossed till patah that they receive it and no more missing documents. I officially have PutrajayaPhobia!! Red tapes, yellow tapes, rude people, not helpful people, being directed here and there and back here again and then there! Arrrgggh!! The amount of time and money wasted...T.T I don't fancy anything to do with that sector, sungguh mer-marfan-kan orang. All these hassles just made you wanna pull your air and punch something real hard. I going to S'pore?  

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