Sunday, June 23, 2013


Pfftt...and I was supposed to blog more frequent =.=" and be more blunt. Then again, it's difficult to be blunt without being offensive. Let's see. Work has been hectic with last minute orders and changes of deadline. Like is also stressful with a menopausal woman so important to you yet very demotivating at the same time. That aside, I picked up reading again (an average of 2 pages a day) and swimming on my day off! 
Make Up
Break Up

Met many people for the past few months so I gather this topic of relationship is interesting. For the past 6 months I've been reading a lot on relationship with titles vary from 'Does He Still Love You', 'Can The Relationship Be Saved', 'How To Save A Relationship', 'Is This Love Still Worth It' to 'How To Move On' and 'How To Survive A Mean Break Up'. Recently I read up on types of relationship, positive energy, making friends and what interest me the most at the moment: THE ULTIMATE FRIENDZONE.

So yes, it's the infamous term people around has been using. After doing some readings, this is what i gathered:
1. Everybody had been friendzoned by someone before i.e rejected from persuasion.
2. Everybody friendzoned someone before i.e rejected persuasion. 
3. Because of no.1 and no.2, don't get too bitter and learn to move on quickly. 
4. Friendzone could be peaceful or hateful.
Hateful Friendzone: This happened when one felt used or mislead with mixed signal for over a period of time which involved him or her to sacrifice to certain degree. OR him or her is just being a pussy. Personal experience, I've explained countless time to this friend of mine that we are better off as friend because I cannot tolerate his personality as a boyfriend and neither can he take my temper. We are both hot headed. We maintained good friends for over 2 years but with constant more persuasion. Finally he got fed up, unfriend me and delete me from his life forever. My reaction? But I oredi tell you waaaat! Waiiy u angry me? I no lie you and no give false hope also. Some tips on how to avoid? Don't give false hope or blardy mixed signal and come on, be blunt a little bit. If you like someone, keep check if he or she knows it instead of going all the way to the moon then fall in disappointment. 

 Peaceful Friendzone: mutual understanding achieved. Like I said, be frank if you need to find out what's really going on but be prepared for a yes or no. Express your interest without going over the moon really. Treating someone extraordinarily nice meaning treating him or her special without going overboard so you wont get burnt out thinking that whatever you have done got zero return. Once the zone has been declared, maintain the respectable line. Don't be a friend yet trying to do what a girlfriend or boyfriend would do. AND, don't ask your friend to do what a boyfriend or girlfriend ought to do. Be fair to them. This thing takes effort from both side, requiring in depth communication.

For men and women alike. Acceptance of the condition is the first step of moving on.
And yeah, something to end the night. 
Last but not least, don't USE people to your benefits. Yes, this dude or chick may like you but if you sensed their affection that you cannot return, let them know gently. I cannot accept people that take advantage of such situation such as getting them to buy things, doing all the shitty job and all then later drop the bomb. Peace out guys! Seramat mlm.

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