Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Costurera Haberdashery!

It's finally up. A month of travelling to collect goods, snap pictures, upload, snap pictures, upload, import some more stuff and whoala! Costurera Haberdashery is up! The idea behind this whole costurera thing is to provide custom make costumes, accessories and props for various occasion including cosplay. Asides that, I intend to sell nice and some rare items for art craft. It is not only cater for my fellow cosplayers but also for those who love making accessories and other art crafts. 

They are all ready stocks, available via delivery (1-3 working days) or COD at Mid Valley. The advantages of buying ready stocks is that you will get what you see. There won't be the hassle of delayed shipping, wrong size/colour/model from delivery errors ;)

The items we have at the moment:

PVC leathers:

Rubber Foams:



Cosplay Wigs:

Ribbons and Lace:




Pendants and ornament pieces:

Official page for the haberdashery:

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