Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starting ANeW.

Well...abandoned this blog for about 3 months now. 2012 coming to an end, 2013 approaching and...another year older =.=" I had a bad year. I left Msia beginning of this year hoping to find a new life, an adult life with much freedom AND responsibility. Leaving home wasn't tough. Surviving it was the killer. Ain't gonna dwell into the details but as a conclusion, I had a really bad year with very little emotional support. 

Anyway, I've already left whatever sad stuff that I needed to leave behind and plan for the hopefully, better days to come. I'll be opening my own haberdashery, offering materials, wigs, props and costume sewing services not only to cosplayers but also to craft enthusiasts :) I know it ain't gonna be as much as me working in SG but hey, it's time to do something I like for a change. Watched a video that made me cry. Some said it's stupid, some said 'you're brave' and some, 'you can because you are young'. I can because I have few but supportive people back here that believe in me <3 all="all" be="be" contained="contained" cosplay="cosplay" emo="emo" ersonal="ersonal" here="here" i="i" ll="ll" meanwhile="meanwhile" much="much" nbsp="nbsp" non-cosplay="non-cosplay" p="p" page="page" shifting="shifting" stuff=".=" the="the" too="too"> Feel free to leave a message if you have any materials to request ;) cheers~