Sunday, September 2, 2012

Taking A Long Break must have been forever since I update this blog. I think I've got too much to handle ever since I left Msia. Work, study, costume making, meeting deadlines, tiresome shifts, running a cosplay ball and all. Sometimes bring 400km away from home and close friends, makes me feel so alone. No lonely kind of alone but I'm-on-my-own kind of alone. Sometimes just feel so tired and wanted to fall back on someone close but nobody is around. On and off I do feel really down. The only thing which took my mind off things is to work on my costumes and props. Progress is slow though since I'm hand sewing my costumes now and that I'm always exhausted from work. I can't recall much after Umi Ryuuzaki cosplay. So just a latest update on my two new projects :) attended Animangaki and glad to have the opportunity to hang out a bit. Miss you guys lots! Hugs!

Chobit: Freya
Photo Credit: Razrig
More pictures: Freya

Tiger & Bunny: Blue Rose
Photo Credit: Anthony Lee (Blur)
 More pictures here: Pepsi Nex


Jessica Fan said...

Hi Venus,

I saw your photos through deviantart and just have to say that they are gorgeous! All the effort you put into your costumes is very impressive and you yourself are a beautiful model. It's obvious you work very hard to create such wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing your cosplay adventures and I look forward to seeing more! Keep it up!


Shizuka no Musume said...

Hi Jessica :) thanks for the encouraging words. Sorry for the late reply. Haven't been writing for some time >< yes, will definitely continue cosplaying :)cheers~