Friday, January 27, 2012

Trinity Blood: Noelle Borr

This has got to be the second character I like who died so quickly (second to Siela Riviere). I like her style, I guess :) I've ran through several reference pic for her character but the original art works were few. Seeing how the other AX Agents use guns except those with special ability like Sword Dancer, I thought of making a twin guns for her. So no, the guns are not part of the original reference.

It was yet another enjoyable project. I love the way the costume turned out although the habit was a bit off >< I had fun making the crosses too :) the only thing I regret was the make-up and hair T.T couldn't get that Renaissance look out of her and those curls.

Had a shoot at Putrajaya with Anthony Lee and Kenneth Tee before heading for the ice-creams :) thanks for the pics!

Anthony Lee punya photo here:

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