Friday, January 27, 2012

Dream Project: Dream of Doll

I liked Delphine some time ago but didn't thought of cosplaying it till a friend told me she will be cosplaying another doll for CF. At the same time, I found my Kalix. So...raaawrr! Debuted in CF, I went for a shoot at Taylors. Kuro Dai stepped in as Kalix as Justin couldn't make it for the shoot. 

For me, the most precious pieces of Delphine are the head gear and the choker. Really enjoyed making them XD I've made three layers of petty coat for her dress but it's just nor puffy enough. I ended up borrowing Marianne's petty coat...for the 100th time ><

Terima kasih Kuro Dai, Anthony, Joseph, Kenneth and Yukito. Lepas shoot, we played Betrayal: House on Haunted Hill. Nyah!
More pics here: Sendiriedit.jpg

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