Friday, January 27, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2011

Let's see...CF this year was packed to the brim of the halls. The sight was awesome! Yes, the KLCC people were rude on day 1 but day 2 was a lot better. The only regret I have was unable to hangout with some of the people I intended to meet. Hmm...COD also failed terribly xp


Day 1: cosplayed as Delphine from Dream of Doll with Justin as Kalix. We joined the One True Pair (OTP) competition. It was yet another fun moment on stage with my friend :) almost couldn't make it in with that kind of queue. Luckily, Chiko got extra tickets >< sankyuu!

Day 2: cosplayed Noelle Borr from Trinity Blood. I was tempted to join the solo competition but ended up making bookmarks instead XD sigh...was supposed to give out Book Club member bookmarks. Day I forgot to bring, day two brought the undone, leaving the completed ones at home. Phail...halfway through beh tahan edy, I need to get out from the costume and heels. Changed to some random attire and wig later >D I know there are thousand and one random versions out there but no! Watashi wa Miku jyanai!

Just wanted to thank and offer a pat on the shoulder for all the CF committee for making this happen :) will be looking forward to CF2012. 

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