Monday, December 26, 2011

New Life has been a busy month in December with CF preparation, shifting and now, the Cosplay Ball to attend to. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed the course with ups and down. Will do a short update of recent activities here.

Right after AFA, I went for two shoots: Carol of Ouke no Monshou by Anthony Lee and Isis of Ouke no Monshou by Thomas Kuan.

It felt weird to cosplay her mainly because I never plan to cosplay this character in the first place. I felt that I couldn't carry out her character even in photography. Secondly, I disliked Carol in the manga Ouke no Monshou. the confession is...I shoot for the memory sake of the costumes and accessories I've made over three weeks before AFA. Nevertheless I loved them all and I'm glad to say Carol's costumes and accessories had found new owners who really appreciated the character :) 

She is the reason I follow up the manga. My cousin sister used to read them when I was five or so. It was in chinese so I didn't understand a thing except that I like the way Isis is drawn. Later I pick up the manga again online and felt for Isis. She is depicted as a mad-brother-lover and ruthless evil person who is all out to kill Carol. Put that asides, I admired her passion for what she loves. Many overlooked her affection for her brother (mind you in Egypt royalty, this is acceptable) during the earlier days when she cried over the loss of her brother. What Memphis did? Changed his heart within 2 pages of the manga after seeing a blonde for the first time in his Middle-East life. Sad. Shallow. I felt deeper for Isis, the supposed Queen of Egypt was stripped off everything that was supposed to be hers. 

Didn't plan to join AFA in the first place, so Isis was supposed to debut when I found a Memphis. Lol...things don't always go they way we plan, huh ;)


naneee said...

yup... not always.. :)

Ichigo said...


I've cosplayed Isis, too, I really love the manga and character and I was wondering where you bouht your pearls and beads for your Carol costume ? they look so egyptian-ish, and we can't find thos kind of beads anywhere here in France !
The setting of your shooting is also perfect, here we on't have the autorisation to shoot in public places,, or we have to pay a large sum of money to the city -_-
Nice costumes !

mimithecat said...

I love your costumes!
One thing I can't ignore though.
I have no sympathy for Isis whatsoever. It was her who brought Carol to the past against her will in the first place. And even though she couldn't be queen she was still far more privileged than most people in Egypt would have been.
Her actions towards Carol are repulsive. Killing her father, her unborn child and trying to murder her at every opportunity despite the fact that all Carol wants to do is be friends, and has saved her life more than once.
I hope Isis gets her comeuppance.